Arsenal’s Fashion Evolution: The 10 Best Kits Ranked

Discover the top 10 best kits in Arsenal's history as we rank their fashion evolution. From classic designs to modern styles, relive iconic moments and find out which kits made the cut!

Arsenal, the iconic London football club, has had a rich history in not only the world of football, but also the world of fashion. With each passing season, they have unveiled new kits that have become instant hits among fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. From classic designs to bold and modern styles, Arsenal’s fashion evolution has been nothing short of remarkable. In this article, we will take a closer look at the 10 best kits in Arsenal’s history, ranking them based on their sheer style and visual appeal. So get ready to relive some iconic moments and discover the fashion-forward choices that have graced Arsenal’s football pitch over the years.

The Early Years: Classic Designs

Throughout its rich history, Arsenal Football Club has showcased a wide array of kit designs that have left an indelible mark on the world of football fashion. Let’s take a nostalgic journey through the early years of the club, where classic designs were born and the foundation of Arsenal’s iconic red and white color scheme was laid.

1913-1915: The First Arsenal Kit

Dating back over a century, the first Arsenal kit embodied simplicity and elegance. Sporting a dark red jersey with a white collar and white shorts, this classic design set the tone for future kit innovations. It symbolized the club’s identity and matched the reputation they were building on the pitch. The inaugural Arsenal kit may seem unassuming by today’s standards, but its impact on the football fashion scene cannot be overstated.

1933-1968: The Traditional Arsenal Look

During this period, Arsenal embraced a more traditional look with a white shirt and red sleeves. This distinctive style became an integral part of the club’s history and identity. The white sleeves, which were said to help players spot their teammates’ movements on the field, became synonymous with Arsenal. It’s a design that remains iconic to this day and continues to be beloved by fans.

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The Iconic Red and White: Timeless Favorites

The shift to the iconic red and white color scheme cemented Arsenal’s place in football fashion history. These timeless designs have captivated generations of fans and have become synonymous with the club’s identity and success.

1970-1977: The Simple Elegance

In the 1970s, Arsenal sported a kit that exuded simplicity and elegance. The primary red jersey was complemented by a white v-neck collar, creating a clean and timeless look. This design resonated with fans and players alike, as it represented a period of success for the club. The simplicity of this kit allowed the focus to be on the players’ skills and achievements, and it has become one of the most beloved in Arsenal’s history.

1986-1988: The Artistic Touch

During the late 1980s, Arsenal experimented with an artistic touch in their kit design. The iconic “bruised banana” pattern emerged, featuring bold black and blue diagonal stripes on a yellow background. This audacious design was a departure from tradition, but it quickly gained a cult following and became a symbol of the club’s ambition and creativity. While polarizing at the time, the “bruised banana” kit has since achieved legendary status among Arsenal fans.

1998-2000: The Nike Innovation

In the late 1990s, Arsenal embarked on a partnership with Nike, resulting in a kit that showcased cutting-edge technology. The sleek and modern design featured a gradient of red, transitioning from a darker shade at the top to a lighter tone at the bottom. This innovative approach captivated fans and reflected Arsenal’s desire to embrace the future. The Nike era marked a period of change for the club, and this kit perfectly encapsulated that spirit of innovation.

Innovative Designs: Modern Arsenal

As the game of football evolved, so did Arsenal’s kit designs. Embracing new technologies and sponsorships, the club entered a new era of modernity and innovation.

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2002-2004: Fly Emirates Sponsorship Begins

With the start of the Fly Emirates sponsorship in 2002, Arsenal’s kit featured a fresh and sleek design. The red jersey was accented with white sleeves and collar. The Fly Emirates logo became a central part of the kit, blending seamlessly with the iconic Arsenal colors. This partnership kicked off a new chapter in Arsenal’s fashion evolution, allowing the club to showcase its global appeal.

2010-2011: The Dark Knight Rises

During the 2010-2011 season, Arsenal unveiled a bold kit inspired by the iconic Batman franchise. The predominantly dark blue jersey featured a striking redcurrant and navy blue sash across the front, symbolizing the club’s strength and determination. This kit captured the imagination of fans and players alike, invoking a sense of power and resilience. The Dark Knight kit remains a standout in Arsenal’s modern kit history.

2018-2019: Inspired by the Past

In recent years, Arsenal has paid homage to its classic designs with a modern twist. The 2018-2019 kit took inspiration from the traditional Adidas designs of the 1980s. The red jersey featured a white collar and white sleeve cuffs, reminiscent of the iconic kits from yesteryears. This fusion of nostalgia and contemporary design resonated with fans, reminding them of the club’s rich heritage while embracing the present.

Bold Statements: Alternative Kits

Every now and then, football clubs dare to push the boundaries and experiment with kits that deviate from the traditional. Arsenal is no exception, having made bold statements with alternative kit designs.

1991-1993: Bruised Banana Madness

The early 1990s witnessed Arsenal’s daring adventure into the realm of unconventional kit design. The “bruised banana” kit, with its striking yellow base and jagged black and blue stripes, was an audacious departure from the norm. This polarizing kit became an instant hit, dividing opinion among fans and fashion critics alike. The daring design embodied Arsenal’s fearless spirit and cemented its place in kit history.

2006-2007: The Highbury Farewell

As Arsenal bid farewell to their historic Highbury stadium in 2006, the club commemorated the occasion with a special kit design. The predominantly red jersey featured a gradient pattern that progressively faded to white at the bottom, symbolizing the transition from the old to the new. This poignant design not only paid tribute to Arsenal’s beloved stadium but also immortalized a significant moment in the club’s history.

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2017-2018: The Lime Green Experiment

In a bold move that had fans buzzing, Arsenal introduced a lime green kit during the 2017-2018 season. This eye-catching design, featuring vibrant green as the dominant color, was unlike anything seen before. The unconventional choice sparked conversations and divided opinions, but it undeniably left a lasting impression. The lime green experiment proved that Arsenal is not afraid to challenge the norm and push the boundaries of fashion.

Honorable Mentions: Fan Favorites

While some kits become iconic for their design, others hold a special place in the hearts of fans for the memories and successes they represent. Here are a few honorable mentions of Arsenal’s fan favorites.

1993-1994: Blue Lightning Strikes

During the 1993-1994 season, Arsenal donned a striking blue lightning-themed away kit. The navy blue jersey featured bold yellow lightning bolts across the front, creating a visually stunning design. This kit stands out not only for its vibrant aesthetics but also for the memories it evokes – a season that witnessed Arsenal’s double triumph and the arrival of legendary manager Arsène Wenger.

2009-2010: The Yellow Wonder

The vibrant yellow away kit of the 2009-2010 season captured the attention of fans worldwide. This bold design symbolized Arsenal’s attacking style of play, radiating energy and determination. The yellow jersey, paired with blue shorts and socks, became an instant favorite among fans for its striking appearance and the success it brought during an exciting season.

2015-2016: Gold Strikes Again

In celebration of their FA Cup success, Arsenal unveiled a special gold kit during the 2015-2016 season. The golden hues represented the club’s historic achievements, showcasing their status as one of England’s most successful teams. This kit, with its shimmering elegance, evoked a sense of pride among fans and players alike. It remains a cherished symbol of Arsenal’s triumphs on the pitch.

As we reflect on Arsenal’s fashion evolution, it becomes clear that the club’s kit designs have played a pivotal role in shaping its identity. From classic designs to bold statements and innovative experiments, Arsenal has never been afraid to push the boundaries and make a lasting impression. Whether it’s the traditional red and white or alternative creations, the kits encapsulate the spirit and passion of Arsenal and its loyal supporters.