barcelona facing another bribery allegation charge

Barcelona is dealing with a newly suspected bribery allegation in the Negreira case.

Barcelona facing fresh suspected bribery charge in Negreira case. Investigation widens, increasing potential consequences. Stricter punishments possible. Case may go to court. Police visit Spanish FA headquarters. No evidence found of referees being paid. Former presidents charged. Fair and transparent legal process crucial. Potential impact on Barcelona's reputation and football integrity. References: [source].

In a recent development in the ongoing investigation, Barcelona, one of the richest clubs in the world, is now facing a fresh suspected bribery charge in the Negreira case. The investigation centers around payments amounting to €7.3 million made by Barcelona to a former referees chief, Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira.

The club, along with ex-club officials and Negreira himself, were previously indicted for “corruption,” “breach of trust,” and “false business records.” However, the Barcelona court has now added the charge of “bribery” to the investigation, potentially leading to stricter punishments if proven.

As the case unfolds, it remains to be seen how this new charge will impact the club and those involved. Along with Barcelona, ex-club officials and the former vice-president of Spanish football’s refereeing committee are also implicated in the case.

Investigation widening

The investigation into the Negreira case began with initial charges brought in March of this year. The charges included “corruption,” “breach of trust,” and “false business records.” However, the recent development in the case has added a new charge of “bribery” to the list of accusations.

This expansion of charges signifies the seriousness of the allegations and increases the potential consequences for those involved.

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The new charge of bribery is a significant development in the Negreira case. It implicates Barcelona, as well as other individuals, in potentially illegal activities. If the case proceeds to court, it will be tried by a jury, highlighting the severity of the charges and the potential legal ramifications for the accused parties.

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Stricter punishments possible

With the addition of the bribery charge, the potential punishments for those involved become even stricter. If found guilty, the accused could face severe penalties, including fines, bans from football-related activities, and potentially even imprisonment.

The seriousness of the allegations and the potential consequences make this a crucial moment for Barcelona and those implicated in the case.

The possibility of the case going to court raises the stakes for all parties involved. A trial would mean an extensive legal process and a detailed examination of the evidence against Barcelona and the other individuals implicated in the case.

The timeline for the legal proceedings can vary, but it is crucial to ensure a fair and thorough investigation before any final verdict is reached.

Police visit Spanish FA headquarters

In the midst of the escalating Negreira case, the Spanish Football Association (RFEF) headquarters became the subject of police scrutiny. Guardia Civil police officers visited the RFEF headquarters to search for documents related to Negreira’s time as a senior official.

This visit holds significant importance as the retrieved documents could provide essential evidence for the ongoing investigation and shed light on the extent of Negreira’s involvement.

No evidence found of referees being paid

Despite the allegations of bribery, the investigating judge, Joaquin Aguirre Lopez, has stated that no evidence has been found thus far to suggest that referees were paid to influence match results.

This statement raises questions about the strength of the accusations and highlights the importance of a thorough investigation to separate fact from speculation.

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Negreira, in his defense, has categorically denied favoring Barcelona in terms of refereeing decisions. He maintains his innocence and claims that the allegations are baseless. Barcelona, too, has denied any wrongdoing and insists that they hired Negreira as an external consultant, primarily to provide reports related to professional refereeing.

The denials from both Negreira and Barcelona add a layer of complexity to the case and emphasize the need for a meticulous examination of the evidence.

Former presidents charged

In addition to Barcelona and its officials, two former presidents of the club, Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu, have been charged with false administration and falsifying a commercial document. This further complicates the legal situation for all parties involved.

The acknowledgment of payments to Negreira by the accused individuals, coupled with their denial of any wrongdoing, creates a complex web of allegations and counterclaims.


In conclusion, the emerging bribery charge in the Negreira case has deepened scrutiny on Barcelona and its notable figures, raising questions about the integrity of the club and the sport.

The potential for serious consequences, along with the involvement of former presidents, accentuates the severity of the allegations. Despite the complexities and ongoing challenges in unearthing conclusive evidence, ensuring a transparent and fair investigation is pivotal.

The outcome of this case holds significant implications, not only shaping Barcelona’s future but also influencing the broader perception of football’s credibility.