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11 Best Soccer Brands For Top Quality Soccer Equipment

This is an in-depth article reviewing the best 11 soccer brands or sport brands in terms of quality and durability to help you make your buying decisions.

If you’re a sports lover or a soccer enthusiast, getting to know where to rely on the best soccer brands to purchase your equipment and gears would be a definite plus. As a matter of fact, sporting gears crafted by excellent brands have been carefully assessed by experts and proven to be durable, versatile, and have premium quality. 

But first, what are some of the features you should look for in buying sporting equipment? The first thing I believe you are thinking about is quality. The best soccer brands produce high-quality soccer equipment that doesn’t have to be highly-priced either. After all, most of these brands have inexpensive gears but never compromise on quality to their customers. 

Any athlete or soccer enthusiast aspiring to be the next great name in the industry like Neymar, Christiano Ronaldo, or Lionel Messi needs to know the best soccer brands to purchase your gears. 

Wonder what the best soccer brands available in the markets to soccer fans and players are? I would say you’ve come to the right place. Because I will tell you everything, you need to know about popular brands if you are shopping for soccer gear and isn’t sure which to get your money’s worth.

 So, you are about to get an in-depth insight into the best soccer brands you can rely on for your soccer equipment and gears, which guarantees value for your money. I review them starting from the most popular to the least popular.

Alright, let’s get started!

1. Nike Soccer brands

Nike- soccer- brand-logo

One of the world’s largest sports companies, as you probably already know, is Nike. It is a brand that is highly vetted for quality when it comes to soccer equipment. The brand produces some of the most famous soccer balls, training apparel, cleats, and a bunch of other sporting apparel.

Nike also sponsors some popular football players and teams in the world. Some of these reputable football stars sponsored by Nike are Christiano Rolando, Neymar, Kelvin De Bruyne, Wayne Rooney, Philippe Coutinho, and Kylian Mbappe. These international football stars represent Nike by wearing their apparel, Cleats, and so on in soccer games. But that’s not all.

Nike extends its web by sponsoring some popular teams in the world, including Paris Saint-German (PSG), Chelsea, Real Madrid, and A.S Roma. 

For a brief history, Nike is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, in the United States. The company was founded in 1964, as “Blue Ribbon Sports” by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, and officially became Nike in 1971. 

You are not going to believe this. Nike is the world’s leader in the design, development, and manufacture of sporting apparel with a revenue of about $37.4 billion in the fiscal year 2020. That is huge and probably the reason they attract all these sponsorship deals with pro athletes.

So, is Nike better than Adidas? I will say yes because of it’s dominant operating capital. But the quality of their products remains a never-ending debate.

2. Adidas Soccer brands


In fact, Adidas is an absolute powerhouse in the soccer equipment industry and any other sport for that matter. Is Adidas an American company? Due to its popularity in the sporting equipment industry, many people believe it is an American company. However, it’s a German manufacturer and arguably leads the way in international sporting gear manufacturing. 

Adidas owns a significant stake in several markets. It also sponsors some successful teams and players in the world. Just to name a few, Adidas’ popular soccer stars include Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala, Paul Pogba, and Jozy Altidore. Without any doubt, Adidas’ lead sponsor is Lionel Messi, who is ranked debatable as the world’s best football player. Adidas has produced all of these players’ clothing lines, cleats, and apparel. Click here to learn the 17 official soccer laws of the game.

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Also, Adidas’s popular teams are Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, and Real Madrid. 

To give you a brief history, the Adidas brands began its journey in Germany in 1924. The brand journey to the top was not a rosy one, but it has been worth it. Adidas has a net worth of over $40 billion, which is still steadily increasing.

 Adidas features everything you’ll need in soccer because of its product diversity, like cleats, jerseys, shoes, clothing, and other accessories. So, if you’re considering a brand for your soccer equipment, think about Adidas.

3. Puma Soccer Brands


Puma is yet another international brand that began its journey as a shoemaking company. Two brothers came together originally to create Adidas, but there was a fallout. So, they split ways, one of them went on with Adidas, and the other brother, Rudolf Dassle, created Puma in 1948.

Since then, Puma as a brand design all sorts of shoes and soccer cleats. But unlike Nike and Adidas, which features a variety of soccer equipment and gears, Puma’s most successful line is soccer cleats and shoes. 

Puma is a soccer brand that has been on the big picture. Has the legendary Pele wore Puma’s cleats when he led Brazil national team to a World Cup Championship. Puma also sponsors popular soccer stars like Luis Suarez, Romelu Lukaku, Antione Griezmann, and Sergio Aguero just to name a few. 

Furthermore, international teams that Puma sponsors are A.C Milan, Manchester City, and Olympique Marseille. Like mentioned earlier, Puma popular products are soccer cleats that are inexpensive compared to some soccer brands like Nike and Adidas. 

Overall, Puma is a brand that features quality and affordability compared to some brands whose soccer equipment and accessories are highly-priced.

So, is you are looking to purchase good quality soccer gear without breaking the bank, Puma definitely is the brand to consider. Their latest design, Future 4.1 Netfit FG/AG Men’s Soccer Cleats, is priced between $119. Meanwhile, the Finale I FG Women Leather Cleats cost around $60.

4. Umbro


Umbro is an international soccer brand founded in the year 1934, in Manchester, England. It was originally intended to be a Manchester-based soccer brand creating sports tailoring and wears. But, Umbro is dedicated to creating quality soccer cleats, apparel, equipment, and soccer accessories in recent times. 

Umbro happens to be one of the world’s leading names among soccer brands, and its double rainbow logo is popular across nations of the world. Umbro is a soccer brand that sponsors a long list of teams, which includes Hull City, Everton, AFC Bournemouth, and Derby County FC. 

Some popular players sponsored by this brand feature Gary Cahill, Pepe, Kyle Walker, and John Terry. Umbro is renowned for quality has its produce all kinds of soccer equipment and apparel. The popular items produced by Umbro are Jerseys, cleats, soccer balls, shorts, shirts, sweatpants, etc. 

So, if you’re a soccer enthusiast looking for a brand you can trust for excellent soccer equipment, Umbro is an ideal choice to meet your needs.   

5. Under Armour Soccer Brands


Under Armour is a recent entrant into the soccer world. This international soccer brand was founded in 1996 in Washington, D.C. Kelvin Plank created this brand whose intent was to create athletic shirts to promote athletes’ success. 

But over the years, the brand has been quite successful, starting with clothing lines, accessories, and now eventually soccer equipment and soccer cleats. The brand has created different kinds of good inexpensive soccer shoes and equipment great to start your journey as a soccer player

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Under Armour sponsors some notable schools, which include Notre Dame, Auburn, UCLA, and Navy. Meanwhile, for professional football teams, the brand sponsors Tottenham Hotspur FC, Sao Paulo FC, and Cruz Azul. Some notable players sponsored by this brand are Memphis Depay, Granit Xhaka, and Trent Alexander-Arnold. 

Under Armor will undoubtedly be a much bigger name in years to come because this is a brand that is still growing but highly vetted for quality soccer equipment.

6. Diadora Soccer Brands


Diadora was founded in 1948 as an Italian soccer brand. Diadora is an extremely versatile brand that manufactures anything soccer related and more.

Diadora started their journey with climbing shoes, then moved on to walking shoes, ski boats, and later tennis shoes. Eventually, around the mid-70s, this soccer brand leaped into the soccer category. In the U.S soccer market today, Diadora has tremendous market shares and thus is a brand you can trust.

Their soccer collections sell cleats, shin guards, jackets, and other essential soccer accessories. Although Diadora doesn’t have a long list of teams that their sponsor, they are a long time sponsor of the Italian national team. The brand had also sponsored some of Italy’s professional stars like Antonio Cassano and Francesco Totti. 

Other teams sponsored by Diadora are the Norwegian Eliteserien clubs – Viking FK and FK Bodo. Diadora is a renowned name among soccer brands vetted for top quality cleats, clothing, and soccer apparel.

7. Kappa


Kappa is another soccer brand that is recognized globally. The brand logo “Omini” is famous as it shows a male and a female sitting back to back, which represents the equality of men and women when there is mutual support. In 1978, Kappa kicked off as a sportswear company, founded in Turin, Italy. 

The first team Kappa sponsored was AC Milan during 1989, the largest international team in Europe then. During the 1997 European Cup, FC Barcelona won the Championship wearing Kappa uniforms.

Currently, Kappa sponsors some popular international teams to promote their brand. These teams are Napoli, Torino, AS Monaco, Leeds, Deportivo Saprissa, Real Betis Balompie, Metz, Aston Villa, Florentina, and so on. Kappa also sponsors some Africa teams like Tunisia and Gabon. 

Even though Kappa started off as an underwear and socks company, they are now reputable figures in sports equipment, tracksuit, and new-age apparel.  

8. lotto Sport Soccer Brands


Lotto is an international soccer brand founded in 1973 in Montebelluna, northern Italy. The brand is a sportswear manufacturer known worldwide for tennis shoes, soccer equipment, and accessories.  

Lotto is a leading name that has sponsored some professional players like Luca Toni and Joan Capdevila, who are notable athletes of the brands. It also sponsors teams like AC. Monza, Vicenza, Sportivo Luqueno, Dijon FCO, and Kedah FA, among others. 

Additionally, Lotto is a reputable brand that has been featured in all the Grand Slam tournaments and Championship in more than 30 years. Their powerhouse is on tennis and soccer equipment.

So, if you’re a tennis or soccer lover looking for a renowned brand to purchase your equipment or apparel, Lotto is an excellent choice.

9. Mizuno Corporation


Mizuno is a Japanese sports brand that dates far back, founded in 1906, in Osaka, by Rihachi Mizuno. It currently has its headquarters in Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Japan, with close to 6000 thousand employees globally. 

The first product the brand launched was in the baseball category, which features soccer uniforms or jerseys, shoes, and gloves. But has at 1930, Mizuno Corporation became diversified into other sport. Mizuno released its first soccer cleats in 1980. 

The brand has sponsored some soccer stars in the past few years, which inludes Kaka, Givanildo Viera “Hulk”, and Lazar Markovic. In recent time teams sponsored by Mizuno are Cittadella, Montevarchi, Novara, and F.C Sudtirol.

Other players recently sponsored by this international football brand are South Korea Park Chu-Young, Roque Santa Cruz, and Maya Yoshida, who captains the Japan national team.

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Mizuno is a brand known for crafting their cleats light but with durable quality materials, making them a favorite of their competitors. Even though the brand spread its net into diverse sports, their soccer brands are well known globally.

10. Reebok


Reebok international limited is a footwear and sportswear manufacturer based in Boston, Massachusetts, founded in 1958. The brand is dedicated to producing excellent soccer equipment, clothing lines, and other apparel. 

The brand vector logo was replaced with a delta logo, which represented change and transformation in 2014. However, before that time, Adidas acquired Reebok as a subsidiary in a deal worth approximately $3.5 billion.

Reebok sponsors a handful of reputable teams and players to promote their brand. Some of the teams that Reebok sponsored were Liverpool F.C., Bolton Wanderers, and the Canadian Football League. Most of these teams had switched their sponsorship to the parent brand Adidas.

This is a brand that has been known to provide quality and professional sports equipment and sportswear.

11. Mitre


Mitre is an International English sports manufacturer, which was founded far back in 1817 in Huddersfield. The brand labels itself as “the world’s original sports brand,” being the oldest sports company in the world. 

Crook and Sons ltd was the original name before it was changed to “Mitre” in 1949. Before 1959, the company was known for designing leather wears, rugby balls, and footballs. But, in recent years, the brand extended to cricket products, soft bags and leather, and eventually footwear. 

Their soccer balls happen to be one of the most commonly used around the world. One of the professional balls is the Mitre Pro Max, the first ball used in the English Premier League which is arguably the best pro league in the world. Pro Max design features a 12-panel construction for aerodynamic control. 

Mitre sponsors some popular teams and players to promote their brand. Some notable teams that Mitre sponsors are FC Osaka, Deportivo Español, Deportivo Morón, Villa Mitre, and some teams in the National Premier Soccer League.

Also, some professional players sponsored by this brand are Neil Etheridge, Wayne Hennessey, and Rodolfo Zelaya. Mitre is a brand that has stuck around for a long time and still has a tremendous reputation globally.


This article offers an in-depth look into the best soccer brands in the world that deserve your investment when it comes to high-quality equipment. Each brand is unique, yet they all share the same goal: providing premium quality and durability.

If you are a beginner or even an intermediate soccer player, check out these two articles on how to play the game of soccer and the best soccer attributes you could start working on to up your game

The great thing about these soccer brands is that most of their equipment is affordably priced; you won’t have to break the bank to own any of their products. You can expect both quality and affordability.

Adidas soccer brands, Puma soccer brands, and Nike soccer brands stand out as excellent brands, particularly when it comes to quality, durability, and performance. Are you overwhelmed by the array of choices before you? Maybe you’re at a crossroads about which brand to choose for your sports equipment.

Our recommended brand is Adidas. It offers not just quality soccer equipment but also affordability, standing out from most other soccer brands. I personally own a variety of Adidas products. My “go-to” soccer boots and several casual wear items were purchased directly from the Adidas website.

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