London’s Soccer Pride: Counting The City’s Professional Teams

Discover the vibrant soccer culture of London with its diverse professional teams. From iconic powerhouses like Arsenal and Chelsea to up-and-coming contenders like Tottenham, explore their achievements and passionate fan bases in this article. London's soccer pride awaits!

London is a vibrant city that boasts a rich and diverse soccer culture. With an array of professional teams calling the city home, Londoners have plenty of options when it comes to cheering on their favorite clubs. From the historically successful powerhouses like Arsenal and Chelsea to the up-and-coming contenders like Tottenham Hotspur, the city’s passion for the beautiful game is evident. In this article, we will explore the various professional teams that make London’s soccer scene so unique and exciting, highlighting their achievements and the dedicated fan bases that support them. Get ready to dive into the world of London’s soccer pride!

Premier League Teams

Chelsea FC

As one of the most successful teams in the Premier League, Chelsea FC has established themselves as a powerhouse in English football. With a rich history and a passionate fanbase, the club has consistently competed for top honors both domestically and in European competitions. Known for their attacking style of play and strong defensive organization, Chelsea has produced some iconic players and memorable moments that have delighted fans over the years.

Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC, or simply the Gunners, is another prominent Premier League team based in London. With a strong legacy and a reputation for attractive and attacking football, Arsenal has a loyal following of fans around the world. The team’s home, the Emirates Stadium, is known for its vibrant atmosphere and serves as a fortress for the Gunners. Over the years, Arsenal has achieved great success, winning numerous league titles and cementing their place among the elite clubs in English football.

Tottenham Hotspur FC

Tottenham Hotspur, often referred to as Spurs, is a team that has enjoyed its fair share of success in the Premier League. Known for their flair and entertaining style of play, Tottenham has a passionate fanbase that creates an electric atmosphere at their home ground, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. While they have faced their fair share of ups and downs, Spurs have consistently challenged for top honors in recent years and continue to be a team to watch out for.

West Ham United FC

West Ham United FC, also known as the Hammers, are a team deeply ingrained in the heart of East London. With a rich history dating back over a century, West Ham has a dedicated fanbase that cherishes their traditions and passionate support. Their home ground, the London Stadium, provides a unique matchday experience for fans. West Ham United has had its share of success in both domestic and international competitions and continues to strive for excellence in the Premier League.

Crystal Palace FC

Located in South London, Crystal Palace FC is a team with a rich history and a fiercely loyal fanbase. Known for their resilient defensive style of play, Crystal Palace has established themselves as an integral part of the Premier League. Their home ground, Selhurst Park, is known for its vibrant atmosphere and provides a fortress-like setting for the team. Crystal Palace has had its fair share of memorable moments and continues to compete with passion and determination in the top flight.

Fulham FC

Fulham FC, known as the Cottagers, is a team with strong ties to the local community and a rich history in English football. Their home ground, Craven Cottage, is one of the most iconic stadiums in English football, renowned for its scenic location by the River Thames. Fulham has experienced both success and setbacks over the years, but their loyal and passionate fanbase has always stood by them. With their recent promotion to the Premier League, Fulham is determined to make their mark once again.

Championship Teams


Queens Park Rangers FC, commonly known as QPR, is a club that has seen its fair share of highs and lows. Their home ground, Loftus Road, is known for its intimate atmosphere and passionate fans. While QPR currently competes in the Championship, they have a proud history and have achieved success at various points in their existence. With their dedicated supporters and commitment to playing attractive football, QPR aims to make their mark in the English football landscape.

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Brentford FC

Brentford FC, also known as the Bees, is a club that has shown great potential in recent years. With an innovative approach to scouting and player development, Brentford has been able to compete effectively in the Championship and challenge for promotion. Their home ground, the Brentford Community Stadium, provides a modern and vibrant atmosphere for supporters. As they strive for success, Brentford looks to continue their rise and push for a place in the Premier League.

Millwall FC

Millwall FC is a club with a rich history and a passionate fanbase. Known for their fierce rivalry with West Ham United, Millwall has established themselves as a formidable presence in London football. The Den, their home ground, is often regarded as one of the most intimidating stadiums in English football. Millwall’s strong identity and close-knit community have played a significant role in shaping the club’s identity, as they continue to compete in the Championship with determination and pride.

Charlton Athletic FC

Charlton Athletic FC, or simply Charlton, is a club with a strong connection to the local community. Though they currently compete in the lower divisions, Charlton has had its moments of glory in the Premier League. With a dedicated fanbase and a rich history, the club continues to strive for success and work towards a return to higher levels of English football. The Valley, their home ground, holds a special place in the hearts of Charlton supporters and contributes to the unique matchday experience.

League One Teams

AFC Wimbledon

AFC Wimbledon is a team born out of the Wimbledon FC’s relocation to Milton Keynes, a move that devastated their loyal supporters. As a fan-owned club, AFC Wimbledon carries the spirit and identity of the original Wimbledon FC. Despite their relatively short existence, the club has achieved remarkable success, earning multiple promotions and establishing themselves in League One. With their passionate fanbase and determination to return to their rightful place in the football hierarchy, AFC Wimbledon continues to inspire and unite supporters.

Leyton Orient

Leyton Orient is a club deeply ingrained in the local community of East London. With a history spanning over a century, Leyton Orient has experienced the highs and lows of English football. The team’s home, Brisbane Road, provides an intimate and vibrant setting for fans. Leyton Orient aims to build on their strong foundations and compete with determination in League One, as they continue to represent the pride and passion of East London.

Gillingham FC

Gillingham FC, also known as the Gills, is a club with a proud history and a loyal fanbase. Located in the town of Gillingham in Kent, the team competes in League One. Priestfield Stadium, their home ground, offers a unique matchday experience for fans. Gillingham FC aims to build on their past successes and work towards achieving their goals in English football. With their passionate supporters by their side, the Gills strive to leave an indelible mark on the footballing landscape.

League Two Teams

Leyton Orient

Leyton Orient, in addition to competing in League One, has also had a presence in League Two. The team’s steadfast commitment to their local community and the pursuit of success has seen them compete in various divisions over the years. Leyton Orient’s resilience and determination to excel at every level are evident in their performances on the pitch. Whether competing in League One or League Two, the O’s always carry the pride of East London.

Barnet FC

Barnet FC is a club that has found its footing in the lower divisions of English football. Competing in League Two, the team represents the London Borough of Barnet. The Hive Stadium, Barnet’s home ground, offers an intimate setting for supporters. While their ambitions may be set higher, Barnet FC continues to compete with dedication and aims to strive for success as they progress through the football pyramid.

National League Teams

Bromley FC

Bromley FC is a team that competes in the National League, the fifth tier of English football. Based in the London Borough of Bromley, the club has enjoyed consistent performances and a loyal fanbase. As they strive to climb the ranks of English football, Bromley FC plays an essential role in representing the local community and providing a platform for aspiring players to showcase their talent.

Barnet FC

In addition to their representation in League Two, Barnet FC, based in the London Borough of Barnet, also competes in the National League. As the team strives to regain their former glories, they carry the pride of North London and represent their borough with determination. The club continues to build a solid foundation and aims to unlock further success in the future.

Women’s Super League Teams

Arsenal Women FC

Arsenal Women FC is a team that has achieved immense success in women’s football. With a strong legacy and a reputation for playing attractive football, Arsenal Women have consistently competed for top honors both domestically and in European competitions. Their home ground, Boreham Wood FC’s Meadow Park, draws fans from all around to witness the team’s technical brilliance and relentless pursuit of victory. Arsenal Women FC inspires a new generation of female footballers and continues to raise the bar in women’s football.

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Chelsea Women FC

Chelsea Women FC has risen to prominence in women’s football and established themselves among the elite teams. With a strong fanbase and an exciting brand of football, Chelsea Women have enjoyed both domestic and international success. The team’s home, Kingsmeadow, provides a unique atmosphere for fans, creating an immersive experience. Chelsea Women FC sets the standard for excellence in women’s football and strives to maintain their position at the pinnacle of the game.

Tottenham Hotspur Women FC

Tottenham Hotspur Women FC is a team on the rise, aiming to make their mark in women’s football. With a passionate fanbase and a commitment to excellence, Tottenham Hotspur Women have made rapid progress in recent years. Their home ground, The Hive Stadium, provides a fantastic setting for fans to witness the team’s dynamic style of play. Tottenham Hotspur Women FC’s ambition and dedication carry a sense of excitement, as they aim to challenge the established powerhouses in women’s football.

West Ham United Women FC

West Ham United Women FC, affiliated with West Ham United FC, has emerged as a strong contender in women’s football. With a loyal and passionate fanbase, West Ham United Women have showcased their skill and determination on the pitch. The team’s home ground, Rush Green Stadium, offers an intimate matchday experience. West Ham United Women FC continues to push boundaries and prove their worth on the national and international stage.

Non-League Teams

Dulwich Hamlet FC

Dulwich Hamlet FC is a non-league team with a rich history and passionate support. Based in South East London, the club has built a strong connection with the local community. Champion Hill, Dulwich Hamlet’s home ground, is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and serves as a symbol of the team’s identity. Dulwich Hamlet FC competes with dedication and strives to leave a lasting impression on grassroots football in London.

Haringey Borough FC

Haringey Borough FC is a non-league team that aims to showcase the talent and passion of their local community. The club represents the London Borough of Haringey and has garnered an enthusiastic following over the years. Coles Park, Haringey Borough’s home ground, offers a unique and intimate matchday experience. Haringey Borough FC provides a platform for aspiring players and serves as a source of inspiration for football enthusiasts in the local area.

Walthamstow FC

Walthamstow FC, previously known as Waltham Forest FC, is a non-league team with a history dating back to the late 19th century. Representing the London Borough of Waltham Forest, the club has faced its fair share of challenges but continues to compete with passion and determination. The club’s dedicated supporters and the nostalgia surrounding its history keep the spirit of Walthamstow FC alive. As they progress through the non-league pyramid, the team aims to recapture past glories and create new memories for their devoted followers.

Historical Clubs

Start of Professional Soccer in London

London played a pivotal role in the birth of professional soccer in England. Dating back to the late 19th century, the capital city witnessed the formation of various football clubs that sought to compete at an organized and professional level. This marked the beginning of a rich footballing heritage that thrives to this day. The brave pioneers who laid the foundations for professional soccer in London opened up new horizons for the sport and sparked a passion that still burns brightly in the hearts of supporters today.

London’s Football League Founder Members

London’s significance in English football is exemplified by the founding members of the Football League. Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, and Tottenham Hotspur were among the original teams that participated in the inaugural season of the Football League in 1888. These clubs played a crucial role in shaping the modern landscape of English football and continue to be influential forces, representing the tradition and values of London’s footballing legacy.

Wimbledon FC

Wimbledon FC, founded in 1889, had a rich history before their controversial relocation to Milton Keynes, which led to the formation of AFC Wimbledon. Wimbledon FC enjoyed their most successful period in the 1980s and 1990s, winning the FA Cup in 1988 in one of English football’s most memorable moments. The club’s rise from non-league obscurity to the top flight of English football was a remarkable achievement. Though their original identity was lost, AFC Wimbledon was born out of the supporters’ determination to preserve the club’s spirit and forge a future that pays homage to the glorious past.

Soccer Rivalries in London

North London Derby: Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur

The North London Derby is one of the fiercest and most renowned rivalries in English football. Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, both based in North London, have competed passionately against each other for over a century. The matches between these two teams have produced thrilling encounters, memorable goals, and intense emotions. The North London Derby is a fixture etched in the hearts of players and supporters alike, showcasing the pride and passion that fuels London’s footballing landscape.

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West London Derby: Chelsea vs Fulham

The West London Derby, contested between Chelsea and Fulham, adds another layer of excitement to London’s football scene. Located in close proximity to each other, these two teams have a long history of competitive matches. The West London Derby is a celebration of the vibrant football culture in this part of the city, with both sets of fans bringing energy and noise to the occasion. Each encounter between Chelsea and Fulham is an opportunity for local bragging rights and an expression of the raw emotions that define this captivating rivalry.

East London Derby: West Ham United vs Leyton Orient

The East London Derby holds great significance for the respective communities of West Ham United and Leyton Orient. These two clubs, based in close proximity to each other, represent the passion and pride of East London football. The matches between West Ham United and Leyton Orient ignite a sense of unity and division among the local fanbases. The rivalry is fueled by the desire to establish supremacy in East London and to demonstrate the strength and talent that the area contributes to the footballing world.

Stadiums and Venues

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium, located in North West London, is the iconic home of English football. As the national stadium, Wembley has hosted numerous historic matches, including England’s World Cup triumph in 1966. The stadium’s grandeur and history make it a revered venue for football fans around the world. Wembley Stadium hosts high-profile matches, cup finals, and international fixtures, providing an unparalleled stage for football excellence.

Emirates Stadium

The Emirates Stadium is the home of Arsenal FC, located in North London. This modern and state-of-the-art stadium boasts an impressive capacity and cutting-edge facilities, offering fans an exceptional matchday experience. The Emirates Stadium is renowned for its lively atmosphere, as Gunners supporters fill the stands to cheer on their beloved team. The stadium’s sleek design and world-class amenities reflect Arsenal’s commitment to excellence, both on and off the pitch.

Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge is the historic home of Chelsea FC, located in West London. This iconic stadium has witnessed countless thrilling matches, serving as a fortress for Chelsea. Stamford Bridge’s unique architecture and awe-inspiring stands create an intimate atmosphere, giving fans an unparalleled view of the action. The stadium’s rich history and unmistakable aura make it a cherished symbol of Chelsea’s footballing identity.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is the cutting-edge home of Tottenham Hotspur FC. Located in North London, this state-of-the-art stadium offers fans a remarkable matchday experience, with its stunning design and innovative features. The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’s retractable pitch and atmospheric lighting add to the electrifying atmosphere that Spurs supporters bring. This modern marvel is a testament to the club’s ambition and commitment to providing fans with an exceptional football experience.

London Stadium

The London Stadium, originally built for the 2012 Olympic Games, has become the home of West Ham United FC. Located in East London, this multipurpose venue offers a unique setting for football matches. The stadium’s vast capacity and modern facilities create a vibrant atmosphere as West Ham United takes to the pitch. The London Stadium’s transformation into a football ground has allowed the club to establish a new chapter in their history and further engage their devoted supporters.

Selhurst Park

Selhurst Park is the traditional home of Crystal Palace FC, steeped in history and nostalgia. Located in South London, Selhurst Park offers a traditional football experience, with its tight stands and close proximity to the pitch. The atmosphere generated by Crystal Palace’s passionate supporters is nothing short of electrifying. Selhurst Park’s intimate setting has witnessed memorable moments and remains an essential part of the club’s identity.

Craven Cottage

Craven Cottage is a historic landmark in London football, serving as the home ground of Fulham FC. Located by the tranquil River Thames, this traditional stadium offers a picturesque setting for football matches. Craven Cottage’s charming architecture and iconic stands create an intimate atmosphere, capturing the essence of Fulham’s long-standing traditions. This beloved stadium holds countless memories for Fulham supporters and remains a vital part of the club’s identity.

The Valley

The Valley is the beloved home ground of Charlton Athletic FC, situated in South East London. This traditional stadium, with its distinctive design and lively atmosphere, has long been a symbol of Charlton’s connection to the local community. The Valley’s rich history and passionate supporters combine to create an extraordinary matchday experience. Charlton Athletic’s strong ties to their stadium make it a cherished venue in London football.

Loftus Road

Loftus Road, located in West London, is the historic home of Queens Park Rangers FC. This small and atmospheric stadium has provided QPR with a unique advantage, as the passionate support of the fans seeps onto the pitch. Loftus Road’s compact nature generates a raucous atmosphere that often makes it a fortress for the team. This beloved ground holds countless memories for QPR supporters and remains a symbol of their commitment to the club.

The Den

The Den is the fearsome home of Millwall FC, situated in South East London. Known for its intense atmosphere, this stadium is renowned for its passionate and vocal supporters. The Den’s reputation for hostility towards opposing teams makes it one of the most intimidating venues in English football. Millwall’s fanbase brings an unmatched passion to the stadium, creating an atmosphere that fuels the team’s performances and makes The Den a fortress-like ground.