USMNT calls Gio Reyna

USMNT recalls Gio Reyna after Berhalter feud

Discover the return of Gio Reyna to the USMNT following his feud with manager Gregg Berhalter. Explore the significance of his inclusion in upcoming friendlies and the rebuilding of their relationship. Get insights into the team's strategy and potential replacements. Exciting times ahead for the USMNT!

The article “USMNT recalls Gio Reyna after Berhalter feud” highlights the return of Gio Reyna to the U.S. men’s national team following a feud with manager Gregg Berhalter. The 23-player roster is preparing for upcoming friendlies against Germany and Ghana. This marks the first time Reyna and Berhalter have worked together since their publicized dispute in January. Both parties have expressed positive intentions, with Berhalter emphasizing the need for time and in-person interaction to rebuild their relationship. The article delves into the history of the feud and discusses the significance of Reyna’s return to the team.

Background of the Feud

The feud between Gio Reyna and Gregg Berhalter began during the 2022 World Cup when Reyna had limited playing time. This led to frustration on Reyna’s part and a reveal by Berhalter of Reyna’s poor attitude. The tension escalated when Reyna’s mother revealed a domestic violence incident involving Berhalter’s now wife. This incident was investigated by U.S. Soccer but ultimately cleared the way for Berhalter to be rehired as the manager of the USMNT.

Rebuilding the Reyna-Berhalter Relationship

To rebuild their relationship, Berhalter initiated a Zoom call with Reyna. They discussed the events that transpired after the World Cup and expressed their mutual commitment to the success of the team. While a Zoom call is a start, both Berhalter and Reyna acknowledge the importance of in-person dialogue and understanding. They are prepared to work together and move forward for the betterment of the team.

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Reyna’s Post-Feud Performance and Injury

Following the feud, Reyna’s playing time was impacted. He hasn’t played for club or country since his injury at the Concacaf Nations League final. This injury prevented him from reuniting with Berhalter and working together. The absence of Reyna on the field has had an impact on the performance of the USMNT. His skills and contributions have been missed, and his return is highly anticipated.

USMNT under Interim Managers

During Reyna’s absence, the USMNT was managed by interim managers Anthony Hudson and B.J. Callaghan. They led the team during the Concacaf Gold Cup, and the performance of the team was closely scrutinized. While there were challenges and adjustments, the team showed resilience under their leadership. However, with Reyna’s return, the focus will shift back to Berhalter’s management and his vision for the team.

Reyna’s Return to the USMNT

Reyna’s return to the USMNT is significant. He has been included in the 23-player roster for the upcoming friendlies against Germany and Ghana. The preparation for these matches will be crucial for Reyna and the team as they aim to showcase their skills and build chemistry on the field. Reyna’s dynamics with Berhalter post-feud will also be observed, as their understanding and collaboration are essential for the success of the team.

Berhalter on Reyna’s Future Play

Berhalter has expressed his intention to be creative with Reyna’s playing minutes. He wants to explore different positions and strategies that will optimize Reyna’s skills and contribute to the team’s success. The upcoming friendlies against Germany and Ghana will provide opportunities to test and refine these strategies. Berhalter’s goals for Reyna include showcasing his talents, developing his versatility on the field, and contributing to the team’s performance.

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USMNT Familiar Faces and New Inclusions

Alongside Reyna, there are several notable players in the roster for the upcoming friendlies. The team aims to strike a balance between familiar faces and new inclusions. The long-term focus is on building a strong team for the future, including the 2026 World Cup. This requires continuity and the development of young talents. One player who has received his first call-up is Lennard Maloney, a dual national with German and U.S. citizenship. His inclusion adds to the diversity and potential of the team.

Tyler Adams’ Absence and Replacement

Tyler Adams will be absent from the upcoming camp due to a recurring hamstring injury. This is a setback for both Adams and the team, as he plays a significant role on and off the field. His absence creates an opportunity for potential replacements such as Johnny Cardoso and Luca de la Torre to step in and showcase their abilities. The impact of Adams’ absence will be closely observed, as his presence is highly valued within the team.

USMNT Past Record Against Upcoming Opponents

The U.S. has a historical record of 4-7-0 against Germany. Although they have faced challenges, the U.S. has won two of the past three matches against the four-time World Cup champions. The last victory in Cologne in 2015 was particularly memorable. Against Ghana, the U.S. has a record of 2-2-0, with their last meeting resulting in a 2-1 win for the U.S. It will be interesting to see how these past records influence the upcoming friendlies and the expectations for the USMNT.

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Detailed Roster for Upcoming Friendlies

The roster for the upcoming friendlies consists of goalkeepers Ethan Horvath and Matt Turner, along with eight defenders including Cameron Carter-Vickers, Sergiño Dest, and Kristoffer Lund. The midfielders include Johnny Cardoso, Luca de la Torre, and Lennard Maloney, among others. The forward line features Christian Pulisic, Tim Weah, and Gio Reyna, among other talented players. The placement and roles of each player are significant factors in the team’s strategy and performance.

In conclusion, the return of Gio Reyna to the USMNT after the feud with Gregg Berhalter signifies a new chapter for both the player and the team. The rebuilding of their relationship and mutual commitment to success show their determination to move forward. Reyna’s return has been eagerly anticipated, and his inclusion in the upcoming friendlies against Germany and Ghana provides an opportunity to showcase his skills and contribute to the team’s performance. The absence of Tyler Adams due to injury creates an opportunity for potential replacements, while the team’s past records against the upcoming opponents provide an interesting backdrop for the matches. The detailed roster for the friendlies highlights the balance between familiar faces and new inclusions, as the team focuses on long-term development and the building of a strong team for the future. Overall, the upcoming friendlies mark an exciting phase for the USMNT, with the potential for growth, success, and the continued progress of talented players like Gio Reyna.